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Team 2015

Following last week's local elections, I wanted to take the opportunity to post a message to you and urge you to help me fight for Liverpool Walton.

We now have exactly two years to stop David Cameron and Nick Clegg from securing a second term in Government. Just think; can you imagine a whole 10 years of this Government? Given the damage they have undertaken to Liverpool in the space of just three years, I dread to think what they could do with a decade in power.

The ONLY way that we can win in 2015 is by building the strongest base of support, on the ground, street by street, town by town, city by city. And that work has to begin NOW.

So I am asking you to get involved and help make sure we return a Labour Government in 2015. Remember, unlike the Tories, we don’t arrange dodgy Downing Street dinners for millionaires. That means we need all the financial help we can get. From 50p to £50. If you can spare it, the entire country will eventually be grateful. You can donate here:

Lastly, despite the rhetoric over UKIP in the last few days, the real story is that Labour is well and truly on course to win the 2015 election but we cannot be complacent. Results showed last week that Labour is winning in places like Harlow, Stevenage, Cannock, Crawley, Essex, Hastings and in many, many other places across te North, South, East and West of this country.

On-the-ground organisers in these seats will make the difference between winning and losing. There's no argument about it, we know they do.

What we don't know is whether we can afford to recruit enough organisers in our battleground seats before it's too late - we'll only know when we get the response to this email.

Be part of building Team 2015 right now

Don't leave this for later - we need your help right now. It takes time to train organisers and build campaigns - the more time we have, the bigger impact the organisers you help recruit will have.

Every £1000 we raise now trains another organiser, and every new organiser brings us a step closer to winning in our battleground seats in 2015.

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