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  1. The first duty of any government is to keep people safe, yet David Cameron has shown complacency on crime and justice. Frontline policing has been cut, and the shift to neighbourhood policing achieved under the last Labour government has been put at risk.

    Offenders are escaping justice: the number of rape, domestic violence and child abuse cases reported to the police is going up, but the number of cases being put forward for prosecution is falling as the service is hollowed out. Meanwhile the Government is presiding over chaos, with suicides and riots up, criminals absconding regularly and the reckless selloff of the probation service putting public safety at risk.

    We will protect frontline policing, ensuring the police force is rooted in our community. We will scrap Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) in
    order to protect frontline policing, and raise professional standards while enabling communities to have a greater say over local policing priorities.

    Tackling violence against women and girls is a priority for Labour, and we will publish the country’s first ever Violence against Women and Girls Bill, establish a Commissioner on domestic and sexual violence, and protect women’s refuges.

    We will deal with the crisis in our prisons, professionalising the workforce, stamping out corruption and encouraging prisons to get more offenders in work or training, while reversing as much as we can of the Government’s privatisation of the probation service.

    We are also committed to new rights for victims of crime. We will introduce the country’s first ever Victims’ Law, with entitlements to minimum standards of service.

    • Nearly 16,000 police officers have been lost under the Tory-led Government, putting the safety of our communities at risk.
    • The number of rape, domestic violence, and child abuse cases reported to the police is going up, but the number of cases that they put forward for prosecution is plummeting.

    • Scrap Police and Crime Commissioners in order to protect frontline police numbers.
    • Raise policing standards with a new inspection and standards body.
    • Establish a Commissioner to set minimum standards in tackling domestic and sexual violence.
    • Reform prisons, professionalising the workforce, stamping out corruption and holding prisons to account on re-offending.
    • Enact Britain’s first Victims’ Law to put victims at the heart of justice system.