Environmental activist

Is it difficult to be an environmental activist from a political point of view?

Yes, when I criticize agencies that grant my research licenses, but it is my duty as a politician, to tell the truth. The government talks about environmental protection, but their main priority is to turn nature into money. It is double standards. They plant new forest, but at the same time harvest natural forest. Virtually all rivers have been dammed. I try to prevent the construction of a pond that would be devastating for the wetlands of the Ara River, where bird species reside. .

You spend many hours working on the environment. Does it have a negative impact on your political career?

Some politicians believe that this is in the way, but so far my work has shown understanding and very positive to my efforts. Although it is obviously a balancing act. Are you never deterred by your work causing such great dangers? I do not consciously seek out dangers, but I do not avoid them either. When you take a risk it can go awry, but if it happens then you have at least tried. More than that I can’t do. Although I am not successful with my projects, I have at least taken a fight for them.

What do you think ordinary people can do to influence the climate in a positive direction?

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