Support for Guide Dogs

(September 29, 2010)

Steve was delighted to drop by the Guide Dogs stand at the Labour Party Conference, to lend his support to the well-known charity and learn a little more about its work. 

Founded in 1931, the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association breeds and trains dogs so as to support the mobility of blind and partially-sighted people in the UK.

"This is a sterling organisation and it really deserves public support," said Steve.  "Bear in mind that it receives no Government funding and depends entirely upon voluntary donations to enhance the freedom of movement - and therefore the quality of life - of those who are visually impaired."

"This is charity work at its best," he continued, "I know we live in straitened times and have many calls upon our finances but I'd urge people to consider giving to the Guide Dogs if they do have anything to spare."

Guide Dogs

Steve meets Education and Demonstration Team Leader Andy Guiel and Delphi

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