North West Labour Regional Conference

(November 08, 2010)

Saturday saw Steve setting off for the North West Labour Regional Conference, which took place at the Southport Floral Hall and Convention Centre.

Over 650 delegates attended the two-day event this year (the largest turnout in over twenty years) and much of the discussion focussed upon how the party plans to organise the fightback against the Coalition Government’s vicious spending cuts.

Steve was encouraged but not surprised by the record attendance.  "People are outraged by what's going on and have been galvanised into action," he said. 

"The Labour party will mount a sustained and very effective campaign against the cuts - not least by putting paid to the myth that cutting so fast, so deep, was 'unavoidable' and by spelling out viable alternatives for dealing with the budget deficit which protect the most vulnerable in society, rather than further marginalising them."    

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