Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

(November 22, 2010)

CoAwareness Pic

Steve was pleased last Monday to support the launch of this year’s Carbon Monoxide (CO) Awareness Week.  

The event, organised by Liverpool Walton resident Lynn Griffiths, saw twenty victims of carbon monoxide poisoning visit Parliament to raise awareness of the ‘invisible’ household danger which results in around fifty deaths per year and countless cases of undiagnosed long-term illness. 

After the opening event, which took place in the House of Lords, the campaigners met with MPs in the Commons to share their experiences and to highlight the need to keep home owners, landlords and tenants informed and advised. 

“Lynn and her team are doing a fantastic job,” said Steve.  “CO gas poisoning is largely avoidable and the message the charity is sending out – that lives may be at risk if fossil fuel burning household appliances aren’t regularly checked and serviced – is a vital one."

The charity continued on to a UK-wide awareness-raising tour.

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