Armed Forces: Steve Pledges to Do His Bit

(November 24, 2010)

Steve this week signalled his support for the Royal British Legion's "Time to Do Your Bit" campaign.

The Legion is committed to lobbying hard to defend and represent the rights of service personnel and their families, bereaved armed forces families and veterans and their families.  The organisation's progamme of action contains a list of changes which it hopes to see implemented during the current parliament.  These include improving and keeping the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme under continual review, introducing an Independent Advisory Committee on military deaths and tackling poverty amongst older veterans and widows.

The "Time to Do Your Bit" campaign is designed to raise awareness and get people involved and Members of Parliament were called upon to join the Legion in its endeavours. 

Steve was very happy to sign up to the organisation's pledge - 'I pledge to do my bit for the whole Armed Forces Family'.

"We all value and respect our armed forces and the sacrifices they and their families make," he said.  "But actions speak louder than words.  We need to ensure that our professed support and appreciation for our military personnel extends into the practical assistance and security they so need and deserve."

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