Marking World Aids Day 2010

(November 24, 2010)

Next Wednesday – 1 December 2010 – marks World Aids Day.  The global event is aimed at both raising awareness of the ongoing threat of HIV infection and tackling HIV and Aids prejudice.

In recognition and support of the event, Steve will join the Parliamentary Football Team on Tuesday 30 November for a commemorative match against a United Nations Workers ‘XI’.

Later on, he’ll attend a reception for the Terence Higgins Trust, which was one of the first charities to be set up in response to the original HIV epidemic and has since continued at the forefront of the fight against the disease.

HIV and Aids now tend to be more commonly associated with developing countries but both continue to be a major health issue for the UK.  According to statistics, over 90,000 people are currently living in the UK with HIV.  The numbers have trebled over the last decade and new cases are emerging every year.

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