Braving the Snow for World Aids Day

(December 01, 2010)
Steve Rotheram MP2 

Steve and fellow MPs braved the snow yesterday, to take part in a football match organised to mark World Aids Day.

The game, which took place between the Parliamentary Football Club and a United Nations team from the Netherlands, was aimed at highlighting the campaign to end mother-to-child HIV transmission by 2015.  Each year, nearly half a million babies worldwide are born with HIV or contract it through their mothers’ breast milk but there are simple and affordable medicines to prevent this happening.

Steve said it was worth battling the elements to raise awareness of the issue and encourage the Coalition to make a commitment.

“Every parent should have access to the medicines they need to have a healthy child,” he explained.  “That’s why the parliamentary team is asking the Government to support the campaign for an AIDs free generation born in 2015.”

The UN won the match 4-1 but players on both sides were delighted to see their efforts paid off later in the day, when International Development Minister Stephen O’Brien announced his “wholehearted” support for the campaign.  “This government will continue to fund programmes that help to eliminate these completely avoidable infections by providing treatment to mothers with HIV,” he promised.

World Aids Day takes place today, 1 December.





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