Supporting Holocaust Memorial Day 2011

(January 25, 2011)

Thursday 27th January is Holocaust Memorial Day, established ten years ago in the UK to commemorate the millions who suffered and died at the hands of the Nazi regime.  This year, the focus will be upon learning from the experiences – the “Untold Stories” - of those who survived the atrocities;  extraordinary stories of pain, loss and endurance.    

“As the number of survivors dwindles, remembering the Holocaust and passing on their testimony is more crucial than ever,” explained Holocaust Education Trust Chief Executive, Karen Pollock. “Reflecting on the ‘Untold Stories’ helps give back voices to those who were persecuted and reinforces the contemporary lessons that can be learnt from this dark period in our history.”

Steve has been keen to participate - to remember and respect those murdered in the genocide, to pay tribute to the many survivors who have gone on to dedicate their lives to educating later generations about the dangers of allowing persecution and intolerance to take hold in society and to support the sharing and safeguarding of survivors’ stories, which are key to ensuring the Holocaust and its lessons are understood by future generations. 

He has supported an Early Day Motion highlighting the day and is pictured (see main page) adding his name to a Book of Commitment placed in the House of Commons by the Holocaust Educational Trust.

“We mustn’t consign the Holocaust to history,” he said.  “Racism, prejudice and victimisation are still very much present in our society and in others and it’s only by remaining mindful of where intolerance and persecution can lead that we’ll continue to identify and combat these evils.”

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