Liverpool Marches Against Spending Cuts

(February 21, 2011)

Steve and his family joined fellow Liverpudlians yesterday to protest over government spending cuts. The cuts have forced Liverpool City Council to slash £91m from its budget for the financial year ahead and a further £50m the following year.  Such a huge squeeze means that most Council services will be adversely affected and around 1,200 public sector employees are set to lose their jobs.  

Some 5,000 Liverpool residents, along with local and national politicians, took part in the city-centre march and rally.

Steve said he was proud of the determination of the local population to send a clear and united message to the Government.

“We’ve warned the Government repeatedly that their cuts go too far, too fast,” he said, “and we’ve also asked them to meet us halfway on meeting the challenge of making savings - by allowing us to spread the cuts over a longer period, for example.  But they’ve refused to budge an inch.  As a result, the Council has had to make drastic and damaging spending decisions which are in noone’s interest and will prove a false economy in the long term.”

“We’ll continue to make our feelings known and to demonstrate to Government that we won’t, as a community, be cowed by their scornful indifference to cities such as Liverpool.”

Steve at March

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