Steve Defends Army Pensions

(June 16, 2011)

steve-rotheram-looking away

Liverpool Walton MP, Steve Rotheram, has defended the armed forces amidst growing concerns over their Military pension.

During a Westminster Hall debate, the former Lord Mayor of Liverpool, spoke passionately about his brother's time in the forces and the lessons that he had learned from him, "I am not one of those courageous parliamentarians who have served our country in the armed forces, but my brother was in the Army for 12 years or so, and I learned a lot from him about what it was like to be in the services.”

Steve called on the government to “rethink and for fairness and common sense to prevail” on the proposals to reduce the year on year increase in military pensions. He said, “essentially, it amounts to a cynical plan to reduce pensions indefinitely. It is sometimes easy to lose sight of the fact that although we are talking about pounds and pence, we also talking about real lives.”

Steve went on to outline what the arithmetic of these cuts to the pension will mean, “A double amputee corporal, disabled at the age of 28, will have lost £587,000 by the age of 70. A 40—year-old squadron leader wil be £319,000 worse off by the age 85. A 34-year-old widow of a staff sergeant will lose up to £750,000 during her lifetime. The maths is one thing, but a principle is at stake.”

Full speech can be found here:

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