Rotheram Helps Launch Cross-party High Speed Rail Group

(July 07, 2011)

Steve at Yes to High Speed Rail

A new cross-party group supporting high-speed rail was launched on Tuesday at an event at the House of Commons. The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG), which is a powerful new voice in favour of building a new high speed rail line, has already secured the backing of MPs from across the political divide, including Liverpool Walton MP, Steve Rotheram.

Speaking at the launch event Transport Secretary Philip Hammond said:

“I am delighted that the plans for high speed rail have such widespread cross party support. This is a major project in the national interest which will take many years to complete and will benefit hugely from being taken forward with all-party support.

“A national high speed rail network will help us build a modern economy fit for the future. It is important that all those in favour of the proposals respond to the Government’s consultation and make their voices heard.”

After the launch, Steve explained, "It's high time we closed the gap in investment between the south and the north. I've been campaigning for this kind of investment to help create jobs in Walton. This support for high-speed rail shows how important this project is for the future of this country."

He continued, “"The impact a new high-speed rail line will have on the UK is being recognised today by the breadth of support for this new cross-party group. Jobs, investment and prospects for millions will get a real boost if this project goes ahead so I'm very happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with people from across the political spectrum to make this a reality."

The launch of the APPG follows on from a successful bus tour undertaken by the Campaign for High Speed Rail which visited Manchester, Birmingham, London, Leeds and Sheffield over the last two weeks.

As the public consultation nears its conclusion in the coming weeks support for high-speed rail is growing right across the UK.

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