Driving home road safety

(July 28, 2011)

Steve Fire & Rescue 1


Last Friday Steve joined local fire and Rescue crews as they demonstrated road safety courses. 


Steve said, "Our fire services do some fantastic work across the city and at this difficult economic time, we have to remember that. The stats for the number of road accidents each year are freightening and while there is work to be donw across a few government departments, such as Transport, it's the Fire services that are saving lives day in, day out."

Further Information:

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service is called to rescue more people from Road Traffic Collisions (RTC) than from fires.

With more than 400 people killed or injured in collisions in Merseyside every year, a five year plan has been put together to make our roads safer.

The plan will be launched on July 22nd to coincide with National Road Safety Day. It will help the Service work towards a national target of reducing the number of people killed or seriously injured in road accidents by 33% by 2020.

It includes:

• Creating a toolkit of multi-agency RTC education and awareness initiatives that can be targeted to fit local needs;
• Evaluating the latest crash rescue equipment to provide firefighters with the most advanced resources available; and
• Introducing casualty reduction into performance targets.

To raise awareness of road safety, a series of events will take place across Merseyside, including demonstrations of how much is involved in cutting someone free from a vehicle.

Area Manager Phil Garrigan said: “Our staff deal with the aftermath of Road Traffic Collisions and the impact they have on human life on a daily basis. It is only right that we direct our efforts towards trying to prevent such incidents.

“No single agency can be responsible for reducing deaths and injuries on our roads, so our plan is focused on encouraging and supporting partnership working so that we can all make a bigger impact on a goal that we all want to achieve.

“It’s about making the public understand the role they play in making roads safer but also making sure organisations responding to Road Traffic Collisions have the best support available too.”

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