Steve slams "unbelievable" NHS cuts

(August 09, 2011)

Steve & John Healey

Steve with Labour's Shadow Health Secretary John Healey

Liverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram has slammed the government’s NHS reforms, which will see Liverpool lose £33.3 million.

Liverpool is second only to Manchester, which will lose £41.7 million, as the worst hit region of the North West.

The figures contrast greatly with areas further south, such as Surrey and Hampshire, who will benefit by £61.4 million and £52 million respectively.

Speaking upon hearing the announcement, Steve explained: “I feared from the moment David Cameron got his hands on the NHS, that hospitals and GP practices across Liverpool were going to suffer. 

“It would appear my nightmare has become a reality today.

“How can this Tory government claim that we are all in this together when the Prime Minister’s Health Authority area gains millions of pounds and regions, such as ours, lose millions?

“This is yet more evidence that the Tory-led Government’s NHS plans are bad for people in Liverpool. 

“These figures shocked me - I knew they would be bad, but I never expected them to be this bad. The Tories will make inequality worse, not better. 

“They are reducing funding to tackle poor health in places like my constituency and shifting it to better off, healthier areas.

“Less well-off areas in Merseyside will be among the biggest losers – with cash transferred instead to Hertfordshire, Hampshire and Surrey.” 

"The Tory plans will hit services that help people stop smoking, promote healthy eating and exercise, and raise awareness about the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. 

“They will make it harder to prevent the big killers like heart disease and cancer, and increase the costs of poor health for everyone in the long run.” 

Top ten losers in the North West:

Manchester will lose £41.7 million – a 4% cut 
Liverpool will lose £33.3 million – a 3.5% cut 
Knowsley £10.2 million – a 3.1% cut 
Blackburn with Darwen £7.3 million – a 2.6% cut 
Salford will lose £11.9m – a 2.5% cut 
Ashton, Leigh & Wigan will lose £14m – a 2.4% cut 
Blackpool will lose £6.2m – a 2.2% cut 
Oldham will lose £8.2m – a 2% cut 
Heywood, Middleton & Rochdale will lose £7.5m – a 1.9% cut 
Bolton will lose £8.5m – a 1.7% cut 

Selected national winners: 

Surrey will gain £61.4 million – a 4.2% increase 
Hampshire will gain £52 million – a 2.9% increase 
Oxfordshire will gain £22.1 million – a 2.6% increase 
Hertfordshire will gain £39.7 million – a 2.5% increase

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