Steve's Stem Cell Plea

(August 31, 2011)

steve maiden speech

A message from Steve:

"You may recall earlier in the summer that I invited you to help recruit 10,000 young, healthy men to the stem cell donor register. What a response we have had. So far we have recruited, nationally, about 5,000 young men and we have until the end of November to find the rest of these potential lifesavers."

"I am enormously proud of the people of Liverpool that have taken part in this scheme and I would continue to urge people to join the register. It’s worth explaining why these donors are needed. Every year 1,600 patients in Britain are in need of a stem cell transplant. All of these people have a condition for which the prognosis is terminal. These are people with Leukaemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma or a range of other diseases. A stem cell transplant – also known as a bone marrow transplant - is these patients’ only chance of life, yet we can only find a matching donor for half of them."

"If you have time, please watch this short video which explains the problems Britain faces:"

"Liverpool has a great tradition of being a city that comes together and does right by each other. We want to help more people – and save more lives – but to do so we need to recruit more young men to our register."

For more information, please contact Steve's office on 01515255025 today.


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