Update on Hillsborough Petition

(September 06, 2011)

steve-rotheram-looking awayKop

Message from Steve:

The response to the e-petition was overwhelming with about 140,000 people signing it in just a few weeks. Passing the 100,000 mark meant that the Government notified the backbench business committee that this issue was eligible to be considered for debate.

We are on the cusp of finally being able to get our hands on the documentation that we have craved for two decades, but we must not allow parliamentary procedure to be a blocking mechanism that could prevent a debate in the House of Commons and that is why we are being extremely careful to follow the correct procedure.

In order to secure a debate, we need cross-party support which I am delighted to say we have but we also need MP’s to come forward and speak at the backbench business committee, which again, I have secured. However, given parliament has only resumed a little more than 24 hours ago, the scheduled sessions for us to make our case to the committee was earmarked as next Tuesday 13th September 2011. That way, we can ensure as many MPs are able to attend the meeting, make their point and strengthen our chance of securing a debate.

We have a powerful argument in place and we have the voices of thousands of people across the country on our side, but we must get this right. We’ve waited 22 years for these files, we can wait until next Tuesday for the committee.

The situation is under control and Parliament will know, next Tuesday, in no uncertain terms, that the country is demanding a debate.

Best wishes,



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