Rotheram to Question Murdoch

(November 09, 2011)

steve-rotheram-looking away

Liverpool Walton MP, Steve Rotheram, will take his place on the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee tomorrow as they prepare to hear evidence from James Murdoch for a second time.

Rotheram explained, “The phone hacking scandal is still very much unresolved. Several parts of Mr James Murdoch’s evidence presented to the DCMS committee back in July, contradicts what the committee has also heard from former legal chiefs at News International.

“I want to know why it is that this unlawful and unethical behaviour has been allowed to manifest and indeed, become endemic, across News International.

“I want to know the answers to a series of questions emanating from Murdoch’s last appearance before the committee. What emails did James Murdoch really see? Did he know what Rebekah Brooks and Andy Coulson are alleged to have been doing as Editors of the News of the World? As the Chief Executive, does he accept that he was negligent?

“If, as expected, Mr Murdoch suggests that News Corp could have acted faster and more decisively between 2007 and 2010, I want to know why he made the conscious decision not to act. Questions should also be raised about the severance pay given to Rebekah Brooks. Some sections of the media are reporting that she was given over £1.7million. If this is true, this is utterly scandalous.

“Another grey area in this whole saga surrounds the payments to Gordon Taylor. The former editor of the News of the World, Colin Myler and the Chief Lawyer, Tom Crone, have both said that James Murdoch was aware of an email that made it abundantly clear that hacking extended beyond one rogue reporter. Murdoch told the committee in July he has no knowledge of the email. Either the editor and lawyer are being economical with the truth or the chief executive of the company is. Either way, the committee will do our best to get to the truth tomorrow.”

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