Trolling Update

(December 02, 2011)

Message from Steve:

"On October 22nd, 16 year-old Georgia Varley was tragically killed at St James train station. As a tribute to Georgia, her friends set up a Facebook memorial page. As I said last month, this page was abused by vile individuals.

"So I decided to launch a campaign into trolling and I asked for your help. I have recieved a vast amount of emails, calls and tweets which support the campaign to readdress the laws around this. 

"At present, only two people have been convicted and the maximum sentence is 6months. I think that politicians, must look at whether the sentence fits the crime. The trauma that the families face can only be compounded by reading abusive messages about their deceased loved ones.

"In the last few weeks, I have met with Labour's Shadow Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor, Sadiq Khan. Sadiq was fantastically supportive of this campaign and advised me to discuss the loopholes in the law with the Attorney General. 

"This is not party political. Across all sides of the House, Members will want to see this vile practice eradicated. The AG was helpful and I am now set to discuss the online cybercrime laws with the Senior Home Office Minister, James Brokenshire. 

"I am grateful for your support with this campaign but I need to ask people for one last thing; case studies.

"When I present this debate to the Chamber of the House of Commons, I want to make clear the emotional trauma this causes to families. If you have been involved, or you know someone that has been involved, and you are determined to see those responsible brought to justice, please get in touch with me.

Best, as ever,


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