Steve Slams "Indefensible" Cost of NHS Reorganisation

(December 08, 2011)

Drop the Bill

Liverpool Walton MP, Steve Rotheram, has criticised David Cameron and Andrew Lansley’s NHS reorganisation, brandishing it “astounding.”

The Labour MP explained, “David Cameron’s wasteful reorganisation is costing the NHS even more than we first feared. At a time when he is making more people unemployed and cutting welfare benefits, he is wasting a staggering £3.5billion on an unnecessary and disruptive reorganisation.

“It means that the Liverpool PCT is being forced to set aside nearly £40 m (£38,867,033) to pay for this reorganisation when the money could have been used  to pay for hospital beds, nurse’s and medication.

“Across the city, patients have already seen an 85% rise in the number of patients waiting longer than 18weeks for operations.

“This is totally unjustifiable.

“In May 2010, Cameron and Lansley categorically ruled out a top-down reorganisation of the NHS but only weeks after being handed the keys to Number 10 Downing Street, he reneged on this promise.

“It is deceit of the highest order and plain wrong. Why would you spend that much money on something that blatantly doesn’t need to be done unless you had an ideological agenda?

“I am deeply concerned with the impact this is going to have on patient care in Liverpool especially over the next few months.

“Winter can be a difficult time, medically, for people in society, especially the elderly and disabled. I want the government doing all l they can to help the sick in Walton, not throwing taxpayers money away so they can privatise the NHS.”

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