Steve Wants to Protect the Elderly in Walton this Winter

(December 13, 2011)

Steve Age UK PledgeLiverpool Walton MP Steve Rotheram, has today announced his support for Age UK’s Winter Pledge.

Steve explained, “Too many elderly people are suffering and dying needlessly in winter because of the effects of the cold weather.

“Britain already has one of the worst levels of unnecessary winter deaths on the European continent with an average of 200 people dying because of the cold weather each day. Across the North West 3,920 old people died last year. The statistics are even more frightening nationally with 24,000 people dying because of the cold.

“This winter I am supporting the Age UK pledge as we aim to make winter warmer for 360,000 people by providing information, advice and practical services to help older people keep warm and well.

“That is why I am determined this Christmas to raise awareness of the dangers to health of cold weather and cold homes.  I also plan to work with the local Age UK agency to tackle the warm weather priorities for older people throughout Walton.

“In Parliament, I will continue to challenge energy providers to produce simple tariffs to make it easier for people to lower their bills. In fact, I have already challenged the government to force energy providers to use professional design companies to re-work the layout of their bills so that it is easier for people to understand what they are paying and why they are paying the amount of people they do.

“I will also be promoting preventative measures that older people can take before a cold spell and working with local GPs, hospital and hospice staff as well as care workers, to encourage all sectors of the local community to make tackling excess winter deaths a priority.

 “It is vital that we ensure everyone in Walton is ready for the cold weather, but particularly the elderly in our society.”

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