Steve Fumes at Unemployment Figures

(January 18, 2012)

Steve on the Mersey

Labour MP, Steve Rotheram, has responded to the news that unemployment has risen to 2.68 million and that there are 7 jobseekers for every vacancy in Liverpool.

The Walton MP explained, “This is devastating news for the people of Liverpool and the British economy. It is further evidence that David Cameron and George Osborne have been completely wrong with their policies for jobs, growth and business.

“Walton is now ranked 5th highest in the country for unemployment (up from 6th) and has 13.4% looking for work. Over 5,000 people are having to claim jobseekers allowance because there are no jobs available. 281 more than last month. This is a worrying trend.

“The unemployment rate is now 8.4% nationally which means that there are now 118,000 more people on the dole queue claiming benefits. In fact, the number of people claiming Jobseekers Allowance has increased in the last month by 1,200 to 1.6million.

“Across Merseyside and the North West region, unemployment levels have increased by 16.9% compared to a year ago.

“It makes absolutely no sense to continue on an economic path that is creating a climate that is not conducive to jobs and growth. The Prime Minister and his Chancellor have embarked on the deepest and most unfair programme of cuts that this country has seen for three generations and areas such as Liverpool Walton are suffering disproportionately. As a result, on their watch, they have choked off the economic recovery, increased unemployment, increased the number of benefit claimants and the UK is heading towards recession once again.

“Why are the government ignoring a perfectly legitimate plans for jobs and growth as set out by the Labour Party? Why are the government not trying everything in their power to stop the rot? Before the general election, Cameron told the country that unemployment would fall every month he was in power because the private sector would come to the rescue with more jobs. The result has actually been that unemployment levels have risen every month for the past six months and the OBR forecast that this particular trend will continue.

“I will continue to fight the government every step of the way because unlike Cameron and Osborne, I do not think unemployment is a price worth paying.”

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