Steve Reads to Blessed Sac Kids

(March 03, 2012)


Labour MP, Steve Rotheram, has spent the afternoon with children at Blessed Sac school, in Walton.

The former Lord Mayor of Liverpool rad, "Not Now Bernand" by David McKee. 

Steve said, "Its very important that we continue to show the importance of reading to children at an early age. Not only is reading by themselves crucial, but studies have shown that listening to others read is also a great ay of improving children's attention spans and their campacity to absorb information. 

"The Liverpool that these children will grow up in, will be remarkably different to the Liverpool I grew up in. Information and knowledge will be crucial, so equipping them with the skills to fulfill their potential is a key part of the curriculum right now. 

"I recently read in the London Evening Standard that over 4million children in Britain, currently do not own their own book. Not one. Additionally, 6million adults struggle with literacy. 

"We must use every facility at our disposal in classrooms across Walton, to ensure that all children learn the importance of reading and have access to books."


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