Steve Backs Jobs & Growth in Walton

(April 01, 2012)

Steve and Ed Balls 5 Point Plan

Steve Rotheram has today backed calls for jobs and growth in Walton and attacked the Tory-led government's ineffective strategy for regeneration in towns such as Walton.

Rotheram explained, "The Tory-led Government has choked off our economic recovery with tax rises and spending cuts that go too far and too fast. As a result, prices have been pushed up and unemployment has soared. 

"Unemployment is at its highest in over 16 years and more than a million young people can’t find a job. Walton is now the 5th highest constituency in the country for unemployment. Yet the Tories’ priority is to give a tax cut of over £40,000 a year to 14,000 millionaires. 

"The Government’s reckless plan has backfired on the deficit too. More people out of work and claiming benefits, rather than paying taxes, means the Government will borrow £150 billion more than planned, and break their promise to balance the books by 2015.

"The recent Budget wasn’t just unfair and bad for Walton; it contained no plan for jobs and growth to get our economy growing again and help people back into work."

The former Lord Mayor of Liverpool went on to say, "Labour will make the tough choices on tax and spending in order to deliver fairness even when there is less money around. We would make measured cuts but we know that getting people back into work is essential if we are going to get the deficit down. That’s why we would repeat the bank bonus tax to pay for a real jobs guarantee for young people out of work for a year, which they would be required to take up.

"Around the country, Labour councils are working hard to promote jobs and growth. In Liverpool, we are providing support for apprenticeship schemes toget young people into work and training. Additionally, we are pursuing ambitious economic development programmes for their city centres to spur on the local economy.

"Labour’s five point plan for jobs and growth would kick-start the economy by temporarily cutting VAT, supporting business with a national insurance tax break for small firms taking on new workers, and bringing forward long-term investment projects."

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