Steve Backs Labour's Call to Reverse NHS Reforms

(April 03, 2012)

Steve Front Line NHS

Liverpool Walton MP, Steve Rotheram has spoken out about the recent NHS reforms and backed the Labour plan to reverse the HEalth and Social Care reforms.

Steve said, "David Cameron claimed that the NHS was safe under the Tories, but his out of touch Government is taking it backwards. Already there are 4,000 fewer nurses since the General Election with the number set to fall by 6,000 by the end of this Parliament. Under David Cameron, more people have waited longer for treatment, longer for tests and longer in Accident & Emergency.

"Despite opposition from thousands of patients, doctors, GPs and nurses, David Cameron is wasting billions on a damaging top-down bureaucratic reorganisation of the NHS that will do nothing for patient care. A reorganisation that he promised wouldn’t happen.

"Labour opposed this reorganisation because it turns the NHS into a full-blown commercial market, putting competition before patient care. It scraps the cap on hospitals treating private patients at the same time as watering down

"Labour’s guarantees on waiting times. This means local hospitals will be free to treat more private patients, which could mean that NHS patients are forced to wait longer.

"A future Labour Government will need to undo that damage – to ensure that the NHS remains patient focused.

"The Government is also in denial about the growing care crisis and the devastating impact their cuts to social care are having on the ground. More than £1 billion has been cut from local council budgets for older people’s social care since the Government came to power and eight out of ten councils are now providing support only for those with substantial and critical needs.

"Labour Councils work with NHS and other local partners to ensure that local families receive the best health care possible, and promote local public health measures to help prevent illness and disease before they happen.

"We would pursue real reforms needed to improve the NHS – reforms like integrating social care to deal with our ageing population. But we would not make the mistake this Government has made and rush headlong into another top-down reorganisation. And, unlike David Cameron, we would act in consultation with NHS staff and patients."

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