Steve Responds to 165% Rise in Youth Unemployment in Walton

(April 19, 2012)



Steve explained, “Today’s monthly unemployment figures signal more bad news for Walton.


“Over the past year I have spoken to many unemployed young people from across the City who are desperate to get into work, but have had the door slammed shut in their faces.


“This is desperately disappointing, when we consider what the people of Walton have to offer. We have a brilliant entrepreneurial spirit, highly skilled and enthusiastic talent pool and a strong determination for many to get work, or to get back into work. We also have some brilliant colleges and training providers will to tailor training to meet skills demands.


“We all appreciate that we live in very difficult economic times, but the reality is, young people in Walton are tired of the Government’s excuses and they need jobs, now. 


“The number of young people out of work for a year in my constituency has risen by 165% since March 2011, yet complacent ministers refuse to take the decisive action they need to get young people into work.


“In Liverpool Walton overall unemployment is now at 5,359 which is the fifth highest in the country. It is one league table I wish Liverpool wasn’t so high in! That equates to a staggering 14.1% of the economically active 16 to 64 year olds in Walton. It is now imperative that the Government introduce Labour’s Real Jobs Guarantee, which would use a tax on banker’s bonuses to get 110,000 young people across the country into work.


“The harsh reality is we've now had two years of excuses. David Cameron and Nick Clegg have utterly failed to tackle Britain’s jobs emergency and we are limping along in a state of crisis. Despite a slight reduction in the overall unemployment count across the country, there is no such comfort for those living in northern cities such as Liverpool.

“Nationally, we still have more than a million young people out of work, more women unemployed than since 1987 and a benefits bill that is spiralling by the day. This means that the Government are having to borrow £150bn more that even they forecast in the OBR 12 months ago. It is perverse for the Coalition to borrow billions to keep people on the dole instead of investing in jobs.

“Last month’s budget should have taken urgent action to get Britain back to work. Instead we got a hand-out for millionaires and a slap down for anyone on tax credits.

“I have consistently said that jobs are my main priority in Walton so I will continue to keep the pressure on David Cameron, because unlike him, I don’t believe that unemployment is ever a price worth paying.”




In the three months to February, unemployment was at 2.65 million.

This is a fall of 35,000 on the quarter.

The rate of unemployment is 8.3 percent, down from 8.4 percent in the previous quarter.

Claimant count

The claimant count now stands at 1,613,000 (1.6 million) in March 2012.

This is the highest claimant count since October 2009 when it was at 1,614,800.

The month on month rise in the claimant count was 3,600. This is the slowest rise since December 2011.

Youth unemployment

Youth unemployment now stands at 1,033,000 (1.03 million) in the three months to February.

This is a fall of 9,000 on the quarter.

Women’s unemployment

Women’s unemployment stands at 1,136,000 in the three months to February.

This is up by 8,000 on the quarter.

This is the slowest rise in a three month period since March to May 2011 when it fell by 10,000.

Total employment

Total employment is at 29,172,000.

It rose by 53,000 in the last three months.

This is the fastest rise since October to December 2011 when it rose by 60,000.

The net number of jobs the economy has created since the general election is 158,000.

And the net number has risen in the last 12 months

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