Steve Starts Saturday Surgeries

(April 20, 2012)

Constituency Office

Walton MP, Steve Rotheram, has today announced the introduction of Saturday surgeries at his office on Rice Lane.

Steve explained, "When I became the MP in 2010, I wanted to make absolutely sure that people across Walton knew that I had an office in the heart of the constituency and that they could call in anytime.

"I'm not a fan of some MPs systems whereby they only have one surgery a month and it is by appointment only. My staff and I have always maintained that it is very important to be contactable 24/7 which is why, as well as holding my regular Friday surgeries, I also have a walk-in policy. If you have a problem you want to discuss, Monday to Friday, we are happy to help you.

"This policy had been working up until a couple of months ago. As a result of the Coalition government's disastrous policies that are hitting the working class man and woman hardest, more people in Walton are coming to me for advice on their job, housing and benefits.

"This is what David Cameron and George Osborne do not understand - it is the human cost of their politics. I am constantly appalled by the rhetoric used by government ministers in and outside of the House of Commons. It is quite often scaremongering and it is always irresponsible.

"Let's be quite clear; it is the ConDem government that has presided over rising unemployment that has seen Walton become the fifth highest constituency for unemployment in the entire country. It is the ConDem government that raised VAT to 20% which hit the poorest families hardest. It is the ConDem government that have set out proposals to reduce the working tax credit for families working less than 24 hours a week, meaning that single parent families who want to work and who are currently going to work, might as well quit work because being unemployed and claiming benefits pays more than a 24hour a week job.

"There is mass confusion and uncertainty on the streets of Walton right now, and understandably so. I am committed to helping every single person in my constituency and that is why I want them to know that Saturday surgeries are now available."

Steve's Saturday surgeries start NEXT SATURDAY and on the following dates:

April 28th
May 26th
June 23rd
July 28th

Steve will also be keeping his Friday surgery and his daily walk in surgery, in full operation.

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