Steve Slams IDS

(May 08, 2012)

steve-rotheram-looking away

Steve Rotheram has slammed the Work and Pensions Secretary and failed former Tory leader, Iain Duncan Smith, for suggesting disabled workers do little more that sit around drinking coffee all day.

Steve explained, "Just when you think the arrogance of the man can get no higher, he excels himself and reaches new levels of ignorance.

"He is a major part of a Government that has made life even harder for the most vulnerable in our society, including the diasbled. This is not compassionate conservatism, this is the same old conservatism.

"This Government has a responsibility to support disabled people who want to work hard and get on, but instead IDS has 'sneered' at Remploy workers, who like millions of other people across the country are worried about their jobs and their futures.

"It is utterly unacceptable for a senior Government minister who has the ear of the Prime Minister, to accuse disabled workers of doing nothing more than sitting around and occasionally putting the kettle on.

"Some of the most inspirational people in the work place happen to be disabled.

"With the country sliding back into an avoidable recession which was made in Downing Street the Government must do more to support work. IDS' comments demonstrate a staggering contempt for the hard working britons you don't deem to have the right kind of job.

"The Tory Minister should issue a written apology to everyone involved with Remploy, and to the many more people he has offended with his ignorant, heartless and foolish comments."

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