Steve says No to Olympic Tickets

(July 12, 2012)

Steve at Velodrome

Walton MP, Steve Rotheram, a member of the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee, has been offered tickets by BT to the men's 100 metre final at the London Olympic Games but declined the offer.

Steve said, "There is always a perception of it being a jolly with these things,” he said.

“Of course, everyone would love to see the men's 100 metre final, even though it doesn't even last a full ten seconds! I was criticised for going to the FA Cup semi-final despite the teams being in my constituency.”

The MP said he would not be critical of members of the committee that accepted the tickets: “Part of the role of the committee is to look at the effect of the Olympics.”

"The reality is, immediately after the closing ceremony the DCMS select committee will have to scrutinise the success or failure of the Games. It would naive of us to do so if none of us have actually been to the Games."

Steve will be an Olympic Ambassador during the Games. 

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