Unemployment Down But a Long Way to Go Warns Steve

(July 19, 2012)

Steve Headshot

Liverpool Walton MP, Steve Rotheram has responded to the news that unemployment levels in the constituency fell by just 7 in the last month. 

Steve explained, "We're heading in the right direction but how slow is the process? The Government spent all day yesterday rolling out Ministers to Millbank in a vain attempt to pat themselves on the back for falling unemployment levels. The reality is, the Government is forgetting about places like Walton.

"To give you an overview, the Office of National Statistics (ONS) reported that the number of unemployed jobseekers allowance claimants in Liverpool Walton constituency in June 2012 was 5,086. This represents a rate of 13.4% of the economically active population aged 16 to 64, the 7th highest of the 650 UK constituencies. The number of claimants is 35 higher than in June 2011 and 7 lower than in May 2012. 

"It is great news for the 7 people who have found work in the last month - albeit if it is only part-time employment, but there are still over 5,000 of our fellow residents in Walton without a job.

“So although we have seen a marginal decrease in unemployment this still leaves Walton at the higher end of the unemployment table, which is just unacceptable.

"At this rate, it would take 60 years for unemployment to be eradicated at the rate of 7 per month – and that is without 1 additional person joining the unemployment queue!

"The Government can and should be doing more to increase employment. With impending Remploy closures on the horizon, this Tory-Led Government are continuing to demonstrate that their so called ‘plan’ for jobs and growth has very little chance of bearing fruit.

"If recent well-sourced reports are to be believed, then Britain may soon lose our AAA credit rating which will make it even more expensive to borrow money and get this country out of the mess the bankers left us in. Sooner rather than later, the Chancellor is going to have to realise that Britain’s economy won’t grow unless areas like Walton are targeted for proper, sustainable investment. That means getting our young people back into education, training, apprenticeships and long-term jobs. And that is only the beginning.

“It is clear that the policy of ‘cut and run’ isn’t working. There is not a one size fits all solution to our unemployment problem in Walton. I honestly wonder whether David Cameron is all that worried about families in our area who can’t afford to heat their homes or provide food for their kids because they are out of work. His cabinet's lack of humility yesterday suggested that I might be right to wonder.

"If any Tory minister wants to come to Walton to pat themselves on the back for their record on unemployment, I'd gladly help them discover the difference between the rhetoric and the reality."

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