Steve Slams Gove For School Uncertainty

(February 07, 2013)

Labour - Education fiasco

After three years in which the education system in England had been threatened with drastic reforms, Michael Gove has been forced into an embarrassing u-turn which may have seen his flagship policy kicked into the long grass.

Steve explained, “The Education Secretary’s u-turn on Gove Levels, aka the Ebacc, is welcomed but demonstrates a three year process in which unnecessary fragility and not stability has engulfed our children’s schools and that is unforgivable.

“Michael Gove’s statement was a major climb-down from the Government who have been met with a huge amount of anger from parents and teachers over his plans to scrap GCSEs and return education in England to a system fit for the eighties.

“For years in opposition and in Government, Gove has believed that he has known best. He ignored business leaders, headteachers and experts who warned that his plans would be detrimental to the long term skill sets of future workforces and our economy. 

“We are now told that GCSEs will remain although they will be reformed in line with the advice he has been given during a consultation. However, given the extraordinary arrogance that Gove has displayed since he took office, he must now make clear whether he will abandon his narrow, out of date plans altogether or merely try to delay them. He needs to go back to the drawing board and develop a curriculum and exam system that meets our future challenges as a country.

"Labour wants to work with the Government to forge a long term consensus on exam and curriculum reform.

“Given that Gove Levels now appear to have little chance of coming to fruition in the life of this parliament, I suspect the Education Secretary will spend even more time plotting his 2015 leadership bid and even less time concentrating on what is best in 2013 Britain for our children and schools”.

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