(March 25, 2013)

Budget 2013

This week’s Budget confirmed that Government is totally failing on the economy. It was a more of the same budget from a downgraded Chancellor.

Growth is down, borrowing is up and families are paying the price, while millionaires are laughing all the way to the bank.

The jobs crisis has deepened further this week according to new figures, and with prices rising faster than wages it’s no surprise that the Government’s own budget watchdog, the Office for Budget Responsibility, confirmed that by 2015 people will be worse off than they were in 2010.

And in the face of all that, and the growing chorus for change, David Cameron and George Osborne gave us a more of the same Budget this week – no change on anything important and the green light for their tax cut for millionaires in two weeks’ time.

What we needed this week was a change of direction and bold action to kickstart our flatlining economy and give real help to families on middle and low incomes - not more of the same failing policies.

It is clear David Cameron and George Osborne’s economic plan has completely failed. Families, pensioners and businesses are paying the price for their failure. Britain deserves better than this.


Budget Day began with a clear sign of David Cameron and George Osborne’s economic failure as new jobs figures showed that unemployment had risen.

When so many promises were made, it is appalling that halfway through the Parliament, Britain is still being scarred by rising unemployment – leaving the next generation to pay a brutal price. This week, youth unemployment has soared back up towards the million mark, overall unemployment is up and unemployment amongst women is up yet again.

If David Cameron needs any more evidence for why he should change course, he should look no further than these figures which show the massive hit working families are now taking.

Families in Britain have taken a £1,200 a year pay cut and that’s why we need real action to kickstart our flatlining economy and help families on middle and low incomes, not a tax cut for millionaires and more of the same failing policies.

MILLIONS PAY MORE SO MILLIONAIRES PAY LES - Cameron ignores Labour’s call for fairer taxes

Thanks to David Cameron, millionaires will be getting an average £100,000 tax cut on 6th April – at the same time as working people on modest incomes see their tax credits cut.

This Budget was a chance to boost living standards for ordinary working people who are struggling to make ends meet. 

By asking millions to pay more while millionaires pay less, this Government has shown just whose side they are on. 

A strong and sustained recovery in Britain can only be made by the many and not just a few at the top.

Unless we ease the squeeze on middle and low income families, we won’t get the economy out of the terrible mess this Government has made.


This week’s Budget was bad news for anyone who values our NHS.

George Osborne clawed back £2.2 billion from the Department of Health – money that’s desperately needed on the NHS front line. But instead of spending the money on frontline care, this cash is going back to the Treasury to be used to fund their millionaires’ tax cut.

The NHS has confirmed that over 800 nursing jobs were lost in the last month alone – taking the total to nearly 5,000 since David Cameron and George Osborne entered Downing Street. The independent care regulator, the Care Quality Commissioner, has warned that one in ten hospitals is understaffed. Cameron and Osborne can’t justify continuing to neglect our NHS and the people that work to make it possible.

But while Cameron and Osborne are handing out P45s to nurses, they will also be handing a tax cut to millionaires. On April 6th, 13,000 millionaires will get a tax cut worth an average £100,000 each, all while hundreds of hard working nurses are losing their jobs.

Cameron and Osborne need to get their priorities straight. They need to keep their promises to protect the NHS and scrap their unfair tax cut for millionaires.


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