No School Left Behind

(June 17, 2013)

Steve with Schoolkids

Steve Rotheram, the Member of Parliament for Liverpool Walton has backed his constituency neighbour and shadow Education Secretary Stephen Twigg on Labour’s plans for schools.

Steve explained, “Since David Cameron and Michael Gove got their hands on our schools, they have set about a programme to divide them. Some schools are denied the freedoms that would help them raise standards, while others are unaccountable to their local communities allowing poor performance to go unchallenged.

“At a time when the job market is squeezed and employers are looking for candidates with a broad range of skills, it is important to give education professionals more freedom over how they teach and over how they run and organise their schools. And where a freedom can help raise standards, all schools should have it – not just academies and Free Schools. A school should not have to change its status just to gain freedoms, so Labour would extend to all schools, the freedoms currently enjoyed by only academies and Free Schools.

"Changing a school's status requires a lot of resource which could be used to ensure better education outcomes for our children.

“It is also vital that when parents drop their kids off at the school gate, we can be confident in the people that are charged with teaching our children. Many parents will be extremely disappointed that Gove has continually allowed unqualified teachers into our classrooms. Labour would put an immediate stop to that.

“In other words, Labour would never stop working to ensure that divisions in our school system are eroded and that we have a One Nation Labour policy that leaves no school behind.”

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