Steve Cautions Cameron Over Unemployment Complacency

(August 15, 2013)

LIVING STANDARDS - zero hour contracts

Walton MP Steve Rotheram has welcomed the news that unemployment has fallen in the constituency but cautioned the Government against complacency.

Steve explained, “For the individuals and families of those who have found work, it will come as welcome relief that they will have an income this month. However, more needs to be done to offer these people certainty that the jobs they are now in are permanent positions.

“The Tories and Lib Dems enjoy telling people that the private sector has created a ‘million new jobs since 2010’ and that there are more people in work today than ever before. Problem is, this is a false economy. Two thirds of the jobs that have been created are temporary or part-time. People are still dependent on either working tax credits which cost the Exchequer or they find themselves back to square one after a couple of months. This is before I even mention the shameful rise in the number of zero-hour contracts which offer little more than uncertainty for their employers.

“Perhaps what is most alarming is the fact that 55% of the people who are claiming Job Seekers Allowance in Walton are classed as long-term unemployed. It is these people that need our help most as they have been on the dole queue for over six months with no end in sight.

“Cameron’s complacency on the economic recovery has been clear for all to see. Yet we have an opportunity to arrest the slump and inject new life in a city like Liverpool and take the 35% of jobseekers who have been out of work for over a year, off of a lifetime of benefits.

“The way to do that is to implement Ed Ball’s plans for infrastructure spending. Build 100,000 new houses, new ports in places like Liverpool, expand our airports and invest in roads and rail. Labour committed to that in 2010 and we have committed to that again now. The idea that we are providing no alternative is wrong and for the sake of Walton’s jobseekers, I hope the country comes to realise that sooner rather than later”.

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