Tories Record on Crime & Immigration

(September 30, 2013)


Crime, justice and policing

• David Cameron is cutting 15,000 police officers by 2015. • Response times to 999 calls are rising – night-time emergency response times are up to 30% longer.

• The Tories are making it harder for the police to get CCTV and use DNA evidence, and cutting work with communities to tackle the causes of crime.


• Illegal immigration is getting worse: fewer people stopped, more absconding, fewer deported and backlogs of information on cases not pursued.

• Two thirds of the drop in net migration since the election comes from British citizens – 26,000 more British people leaving the country and 17,000 fewer British people returning to the UK.

• The Tories' net migration target ignores illegal immigration – which is getting worse.

• David Cameron's plans to pull out of the social chapter and co-operation on policing and justice will make it harder to manage European migration.


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