Steve Rotheram MP has responded to data published by the House of Commons Library outlining unemployment figures in Walton.

(June 19, 2015)

 Zero Hours

Government statistics reveal the number of unemployed claimants in Liverpool Walton, as of May 2015, is 2,782. This represents 6.6% of the economically active population aged 16-64, the 13th highest rate in the country.

The numbers include 1,842 people claiming Job Seeker’s Allowance and 940 claiming Universal Credit.

According to the data the total number of claimants (both Job Seekers Allowance and Universal credit) has reduced since May 2014.

In his response Steve said: “Whilst I welcome any falls in unemployment in Walton and more people finding work, I am slightly sceptical that the raw figures presented, do not provide a true reflection of the state of employment in Walton.

I meet many constituents at my advice surgery who have been unfairly sanctioned as a direct result of the Governments welfare regime; the number of Food Bank vouchers my office have issued to individuals who have had their benefit reduced or sanctioned has significantly increased, and many people are struggling on zero hours contracts or are in insecure jobs.

There are plenty of people who are willing to get out and work but are being restricted by the lack of opportunities afforded to them by a government that continually hits areas like ours the hardest.

I am concerned that the Government are continuing to hurt the most vulnerable in our society. They have to do much, much more to convince anybody in our city that things are looking up.”

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