Thank you for visiting my website, which I hope you’ll find useful and informative.  I want to be an easily accessible Member of Parliament and I hope this website helps me to do it.

This site allows you to contact me directly and make sure that I am aware of the issues. All emails sent through my website are treated in exactly the same way as a written letter or telephone call.

As well as my website you can also follow me on Twitter and Facebook and see what I am saying on the issues as well as following the latest breaking news from Parliament.

Additionally, my latest news stories will be published online along with articles and pictures.

I’m passionate about Liverpool Walton and making sure that your voices are heard in Parliament. Your comments are always welcome – don’t hesitate to contact me should you have any queries, feedback or suggestions.

Please note that I receive hundreds of emails and messages on social media each week. Therefore, if you have an inquiry, a casework related matter or you require a response from me, please email qshwayder@yahoo.com.

Owing to strict parliamentary protocols, I cannot respond to messages on Twitter, Facebook or via my website. I have a dedicated team of staff in both Walton and Westminster who will ensure that you receive a response as soon as possible and I thank you for your cooperation.

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